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Process - Mosser Glass

The Mosser Moulding Process


We currently have 2 day tanks and 3 pot furnaces. They are fired by natural gas. The raw materials such as Soda Ash and Silica Sand are raised to a melting point of 2500 F. Working temperature varies from 1800 – 2000 fahrenheit.


The cast iron moulds are warmed at a temperature of up to 1000 F starting 1-3 hours before production begins. The next step is the pressing of the glass. A person called the gatherer will bring the amount of glass needed out of the furnace depending on the size of the piece.


The molten glass will then be pressed into the pattern of the mould. After a minute or so, the mould will cool and open to display a newly formed piece of glassware.


Once the piece is brought out of the mould, it will be given additional time to cool and harden with a little help of air blowing on to the glass.


An important part of the process is polishing. Most of our pieces go through a glazer, which fires the glass and melts off the very outer layer, leaving it with a smoother, shinier finish.


After the glazer, the glassware goes through a three and one half hours annealing process that slowly cools the glass to prevent it from shattering or breaking. Then, it is carefully checked and packed for shipping or sent to our stock room.