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Custom Moulds - Mosser Glass

Custom Moulds

MosserCustomMould_Photo1Our extensive portfolio of custom glass moulds allows us to create a variety of complex shapes and unique forms to fit any theme or design throughout all Mosser glassware products.

Many of the current custom Mosser moulds have been purchased from other glass companies after going out of business, but the rest are original Mosser moulds. We work with the customer to see if it is a piece we can produce and help them create a unique mould made just for them.

Concerning the types of moulds, Mosser makes a little of everything such as headlight lenses, tail light lenses, industrial lighting, residential lighting, figurines, dental light lenses, cuspidors, target balls, etc. The list is endless.

View our collection below of all types of custom Mosser moulds that have been creating a variety of beautiful American-made glassware for generations.