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Collector Community

Share ways that Mosser products are used for display, corporate gifts, crafters and everyday life. We invite you to share how you’ve showcased your Mosser products by connecting with us.

Send your photos and descriptions to or use the hashtag #MyMosserCollection

Thank you to "The Dowry" for sharing their beautiful photography of our classic Georgian Tumblers.
Who wouldn’t appreciate a Mosser Glass gift card!
Simple and safe!
Call to order 1-866-439-1827
We bet a lot of Buckeyes are due for a beer!
Introducing our new (officially licensed) 3 logo OSU beer mug.
We are releasing this 16oz beauty in clear today with scarlet, grey and black to come.... What better way ...
It's almost here!!
Oh how sweet it is!! New “Carmel” color for fall
Available in store or call to order 1-866-439-1827
It's almost that time!
Mosser Glass Holiday Open House 2019
Autumn Leaves and “Black” Pumpkins Please!! $29 ea.
Introducing our very first Labor Day (discontinued/overstock) sale!
Starting August 22nd through September 13th.
All discontinued and overstock glassware must sell to make room for new items!
Don't forget Mom!
Mothers Day is May 12.
Stop in this week and get your Mom a beautiful keepsake from Mosser Glass!
Now through Friday
Spend $25 (in store only) And receive a free glass bunny

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